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Amanda Beard and Darla Torres are two American swimmers that have already broken some pretty impressive records. Not only have the beaten records in their events, but they have also set other age related records. Amanda Beard is the youngest American woman to win a gold in swimming and Dara Torres is the oldest American women to Bart Schablone compete in the Olympics Цand win a pair of silver medals to boot! In honor of these two great women I have compiled of their most memorable quotes. Darla Torres is the first American swimmer to compete at five Olympic Games and has racked up a total of eleven Olympic medals gold, silver, and bronze.
Darla successfully competed at the  and Olympic Games. Her fans are calling her ageless. “The water doesn’t know what age you are when you jump in, so why not” commenting on entering her fifth Olympics at age “They may become harder to achieve, but your dreams can’t stop because you’ve hit a certain age or you’ve had a child.””When I first started, people said I was an inspiration, but I think it s been a complete turn.

I have so many people coming up to me now and telling me about their stories and what s changed in their lives, and I feel like I m getting inspiration from other people.” Amanda is a Time Olympic Medalist, a model with numerous magazine covers, and a national spokesperson for various companies. Amanda Beard became the second youngest gold medalist in USA Swimming history only Pokey Watson was younger than Amanda in winning the m free relay gold at years and days old by winning her first Olympic gold, swimming on the medley relay.

She is also a five time U.S. national champion and has set an American record in the m breaststroke during a World Cup in . Amanda Beard participated in her th Olympic Games in Beijing in . “When I look back on it, it’s fuzzy like a dream. I can’t really remember everything; it’s just like a childhood memory to me. I didn’t know too much about what was going on, I just kind of swam. Sure, there was publicity going on about me being so young, and it’s really weird to be and have all that stuff happening to you, but then again, you’re so young and childish you sort of blow it off.”